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  1. Been married for 2 years, total relationship for 5. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I forget things all the time. Small or big. But I always try to make an effort to reduce those occasions. Things like setting reminders on my phone, sticky note on my work desk, and having a "to do" list go a long way. We both are out of the home 10 hours a day and work standard 8-5 jobs. So naturally, we have each other pick up the slack or run an errand if it's more convenient depending on circumstances. This forgetfulness happens probably twice a week. It's one thing for my wife to forget small things here and there. For example, missed something I requested at the grocery store or forgot to turn on the dishwasher before leaving for work. But I've reached my breaking point, because it also happens with things that are big in nature. In the last three weeks... We recently adopted two sibling kittens. She is WAY more into cats than I am to the point she wanted to go sign the adoption papers on a weekday. What does she do on the day of to go sign the adoption papers? She comes home, opts to take a nap, oversleeps because she "forgot to set an alarm", and when I try to wake her up after getting home myself 30 minutes prior to our appointment, she tells me to just go without me. She finally received a warning for her tardiness at work, because she sometimes forgets to set her alarm for work, leaving her to sleep in. The week received a warning, she was late 3 times in 5 days by 30+ minutes. We recently went to her close friend's wedding. They requested no boxed gifts, so we had a gift card and all in our envelope. The wedding was also one hour away. I tell her, "Be sure to grab the gift card..." and it is only after we get to the wedding, she tells me she left it on the counter. Guess who had to drive back to go get it? I take medication for ADHD and I'd like to think it's fairly severe. When I don't take my medicine in the morning, my mind gets incredibly hazy and foggy to the point I have trouble doing anything at work. I usually refill my medicine a week in advance, but was on a business trip this time. So I got the notification that my medicine was ready for pick up and asked my wife to do it, because the night I'd come home, I would have no medicine left. She lets me know she picked it up and all is good...I come home that night, go to sleep thinking she put the medicine in the cabinet only that I cant find it. When I text her, she never took it out of her car...