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களத்தில் உள்நுழையும் வழிமுறையில் மாற்றம் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. மேலதிக விளக்கங்களிற்கு


கருத்துக்கள உறவுகள்
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Status Updates posted by ரஞ்சித்

  1. Hi Nels,

    How you doing mate?

    Catch you later.

  2. Hi Kanthappu,

    Were you there at the remembrance day? I was there too. We might have met each other, may be?!



  3. Dear Kanthappu,

    Dont worry about Vsambu. He knows what is happening in Australia. But he wants to stir us up. Dont take his bait. Just ignore him. You have other important matters to do. By the way, we are doing VKR in Australia as well. Probably in April 17 and 18 th. Lend your support and let your friends and relatives know as well.

    Thanks mate.


  4. Who are you? What is your real(former)name?

  5. Good work thayaa. Keep it up !!!!!

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