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    .இலங்கை IDP காம்பில் இந்திய இராணுவம் இன்றும் கொடுமை செய்து கொண்டு இருக்கிறது . வெளி ஆட்களை பர்க்கககூட இலங்கை இரணுவம் விடுவதில்லை இலங்கை ஒன்றும் செயமுடியாதநிலை
    The IDP camps in Vavuniya some are manned by Indian Army Goorkas and and they are all up to all astrocities with the IDP. Sri Lanka army is guarding them and prevents Locals reaching them.Water supply made by the Sarvodaya has been all stopped by the Indian army. Sri Lanka Government and SLArmy seems to be helpless. The Indians wants to Kill all the Tamils who may have been involved with LTTE. They belive all IDPs have connections with them. The out siders are only allowed to go and see one camp which is maintained well to show the out side world. Please give publicity to this. I find no such news anywhere yet
    From reliable sources who visited the camps and stayed there for three days with Presidents permission. Indian Army refused permission even with the Presidents authority letter. GOSL seems to be helpless with these Goorkas who are doing all the trouble. They will not go till all the Supposed to be LTTE related people are killed by putting them into suffering. India wants to crush the development of Sri Lanka and wants troubles in Sri Lanka to continue for ever so as to prevent development.