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பிரபா சிதம்பரநாதன்

NSW bushfires sees fire-generated thunderstorm brews over two South Coast blazes

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நியூ சவுத் வேல்ஸ் மாநிலத்தில் Blue Mountain காடுகளில் வேகமாக பரவி வரும் காட்டுத்தீ.. இரு வாரங்களிற்கு முன்பு இந்த Bells Lines of Road ஊடாக சென்றது நினைவில் வந்து போகிறது.. சென்ற வருடங்களை விட மிகவும் மோசமாக இந்த காட்டுத்தீ தாக்கங்களை ஏற்படுத்துகிறது.. 

VIDEO 1:14 

Emergency warning issued for Gospers Mountain bushfire near Bilpin


A fire-generated thunderstorm has formed over two fires burning at emergency level on the South Coast as a southerly change exacerbates bushfires on a scorching day in New South Wales.

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) warned residents the thunderstorm "is a very dangerous situation", and could also occur over the Gospers Mountain 'mega-fire' as conditions deteriorate.

Key points:

  • About 10,000 emergency services workers are expected to battle in today's heatwave
  • Police are advising travellers to delay their plans, amid major road closures
  • Temperatures are climbing into the 40s across the state.

The RFS says one resident is unaccounted for in the Dargan area near Lithgow, where fire has affected several communities. 

Five homes have been destroyed in the Lithgow area and several vehicles have been destroyed in what the RFS are calling "erratic" conditions.

Fire crews worked to defend other properties in the area as the blaze at Gospers Mountain continues to spread.

Gospers Mountain was elevated to emergency warning level at 12:10pm and people in Bilpin, Kurrajong Heights, Hartley Vale, Bell, Clarence and Dargan have been told it is too late to leave.

Get the latest RFS advice here

A fire near homes

PHOTO A fire rages near to homes on the outskirts of Lithgow in McKellars Park.


Fires at Green Wattle Creek, Currowan, Tianjara, Palmers Oaky and Forest Lane are all burning at emergency level. 

RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said crews will not get on top of the fires until the state gets some rain.

"Another busy afternoon. We're still seeing the effects of strong wind and hot temperatures, southerly influences moving through some of the fire grounds already. We expect it to continue in the coming hours. Especially into the Greater Sydney region," Mr Fitzsimmons said.

Follow our live blog for updates

"We will not get on top of these fires until we get some decent rain. We are seeing a relentless pattern of hot, fry air dominating the weather features at the moment."

Mr Fitzsimmons said 3,000 firefighters and emergency services personal are battling the fires.

Drops on a car

PHOTO A fire-generated thunderstorm has formed over a blaze burning on the South Coast. 


People planning to head on holidays today have been advised to "put your travel off" as the heatwave brings catastrophic fire danger to New South Wales. 

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys urged people not to be "selfish and inconsiderate" by planning to travel through fire danger zones.

"Wait another day and you will find your travel will be much safer for your family and for emergency services," Mr Worboys said.

Kangaroo runs away from fire

PHOTO A kangaroo races to escape a grass fire in outer Lithgow.


Several major roads and highways are closed, including the Princes Highway which is closed between The Wool Road Basin View and Bendalong Road. 

The Great Western Highway is now closed between Lithgow and Katoomba.

Bells Line of Road and Chifley Road are also closed between Kurrajong Heights and Lithgow. 

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.



The Hume Highway closure has been revised. It is now closed between Narellan Road, Campelltown and the Olde Hume Highway Alpine.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian reiterated warnings that fire fronts could escalate rapidly. 

"We are asking everybody not to travel on roads anywhere near the vicinity of an active fire unless you absolutely have to," she said. 

For more emergency information listen to:

NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers warned that winds could reach 90 kilometres per hour as the southerly comes through this afternoon.

Smoke across the state lifted mid-morning, followed by a spike in temperatures and wind speed.

Blackheath is expected to be a "problem area" as the Gospers Mountain fire continues to spread, he said.

"If you are somewhere where you have to go down a single road and you are in a very heavily vegetated area, then our message to you is think very carefully about staying in the area and maybe just not necessarily evacuate but be smart and go somewhere else — the beach, shopping centre, somewhere that is not bushfire-prone," he said. 

"Firefighters will do their best to look after your house but we want to get through the day with lives intact."

NSW RFS crews working at property protection near the Old Hume Highway.

PHOTO NSW RFS crews working at property protection near the Old Hume Highway. 


It comes at the end of a record-breaking week of heat, when a six-year record for Australia's hottest average temperature was beaten twice. 

On Wednesday, the average maximum temperature around the country was 41.9 degrees, a whole degree over the record set just one day earlier.

The cooler weather conditions which arrived late on Saturday are expected to remain in place for several days.

Jane Golding from the Bureau of Meteorology said air quality was set to worsen due to smoke from the bushfires, diminishing visibility and posing health risks. 

"As the wind turns north-westerly … that smoke will start to affect more populated places along the coastal strip, so dangerous air quality to consider for those thinking of planning outdoor activities," she said



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