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கப்டனின் புதிய படம்

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Indian movies will alwayz be an eye opener.Here is a story of Vijaykant's

(Local Famous Tamil Hero) next movie Its named as"

(WOW !!! where do they get these names??)

Vijaykant is a scientist in NASA.......( yes folks ..........u read that right.NASA...the American space lab-A very big set designed for this by kalaipuli S.Dhaanu).

When our hero was busy launching a satellite to Pluto, his wife simran is about to deliver a baby and she wanted to meet him. But the launch process badly need a person like our hero, and there is no other option.

Senior scientist Radha asks him to stay back till it gets launched.

Our well commited hero successfully launches the satellite, and comes back home in a horse (wer are all the planes gone.??....:)), but his wife is dead. Mean time, other scientists in NASA claim that they wer responsible for the launch and they didnt recognise Vijaykanth.

He resigns from there and comes back to india with his family leading a peaceful life.... days go by till...... Oneday, the scientists, to their surprise found that SUN is reaching EARTH slowly and after sometime it may BURN the earth to ashes.. All the scientists are worried how to save the EARTH.. Then they realize that only "THE HERO" (Vijaykanth) can do it...

They visit India,telling him the facts, and Vijaykant joins back there to complete the mission of saving the EARTH...After a very big research, Vijaykant is inventing an instrument. The instrument will deflect the SUN

from its path to EARTH.. All the scientist are very happy and appreciating vijaykanth's invention. So finally Vijaykant is all set to go into the SPACE and save the earth. He and one other person (Chandra sekhar, Who is a prisoner

in Vellore, Has been choosen by our hero because none other in US army can do that job) are travelling in an spacecraft towards the SUN.

They moved out of earth and in space & Vijaykant is coming out of the spacecraft and standing on the Wings of the spacecraft. He is taking out the instrument and

showing it to the SUN.....

oh!!!!!!!! The instrument is not working... The terrorists deactivated it !!! (ha ha ha .....u got to be kiddin me) All the scientists are worried at the earth station.....tension mounts up.......... SUN is reaching the EARTH slowly.............

Climax - With the SUN floats towards the EARTH, VIJAYKANTH puts one leg on earth, turns back, kicks off the SUN with ultimate force.. and jumps back to the spacecraft....

now the SUN is deflecting away from its path to EARTH!!!!!!!!!!! EARTH SAVED...

He shows Indian flag in his hand and the spacecraft moves back to earth

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  • கருத்துக்கள உறவுகள்

ஆகா என்ன கற்பனை என்ன கற்பனை.

கற்பனை வளத்திற்கு இவர்களை விட்டால் யாரு உண்டு?...

நாளைக்கு சூறாவாளி வந்தால் எல்லோரும் தங்கள் நாட்டு கொடியை பிடித்துக்கொண்டு எல்லோ இருக்கப்போகினம்.

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